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TAADAD: F is for Flail of the Fallen Angel of Death

To fully appreciate this you need to read the Exit Egress Escape article on Leicesters Ramble.

Flail of the fallen angel of Death

"There is a majestic angel in the center of the room, an icon from ancient times, standing there as she always done. Guarding something long forgotten, long lost to man, maybe even to herself? In her grip is a heavy mace in dark steel, a trained eye can spot the arcane runes running across its handle."

The flail is an ancient relic, forged by the dwarfs, blessed by the ancient death cult that once inhabited this temple, and imbued with mystical properties by the wizards of old. Seen to its properties one could asume that it was wielded by fanatic death templars with some inclination to flaggelantism.

There is an inscription written in some dead language that could be translated to something like "In blood, in pain, in suffering - I give my body to the higher purpose."

The weapon is magnificent and have a bonus of +2 to attack and damage. It is magical and divine and worth a fortune, but what is not as clear is that the weapon is also a curse and a judgemental punishing item of monumental means that is not easily geting rid off.

The Flail demand that the wielder show courage, smarts and foremost faith and whenever an oppurtunity arise when the wielder has the weapon in hand the DM should roll a d6. Roll 1 and the flail is pleased and roll a 6 the weapon is angry.

Rewards of Faith
1. Fire of fury - As a reward the flail burst into flame. In the current battle the flail will do an additional D6 fire damage.
2-6. Something else (Times up for now. Feel free to add them!)

1. Tears of blood - The wielder of the flail is punished for its disobedience. As atonement for its sins will be forced to cry tears of blood, forevermore.
2. Crown of thorns - As above, except the punishment is a twisted crown of burnt metal, protruding from the flesh of the poor wielder. As painful as it looks.
3-6. something else (Times up for now. Feel free to add them!)

Final punishment: The flail will not take lightly on being abondoned. It demand that the wielder will hold it each day and if the wielder fail to do this he/she must save versus death or die!

Have to finnish this some other time - but it is at least todays challlange done  - I hope. :)

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