söndag 6 september 2015

Valor and trolls

So I played a session of "Expedition to Under" yesterday, and I wanted to try out the new Valor-mechanic. For those of you whom haven't heard of this, it is a mechanic where you usually gains an advantage and morale (instead of HP in Aenglum) when you roll a natural 20. Now you also gains Valor when you roll those naturals. hmm, I think I must change this somehow.

Each character got two valors. One is from race and the other from class. The Valors are special attacks that give a little extra something. You can activate these when you reach five valor points.

So in the expedition to Under yesterday I let the players jump into the rolls of five Undertrolls on the warpath. The trolls were jumped by a band of bandits surrounding the small tower where the players had taken refuge.

The five trolls used the stats previously posted on the blog and each one also got a small trait.
We had Bh'ulg whom was the leader, Ashk that were good at throwing stones, he got a valor called meteor swarm which essentily were him throwing many small rocks, and we had a tracker and hunter and one oddity that were the bee-keeper that threw bee-hives on any unlucky bystander. I really need to draw an illustration on that one. :)

The characters (as trolls) made really made short work of the band of brigandes and was last seen hunting them towards the west. Really fun part of the campaign and I must use these trolls for something else in the future. (A grottröj convention maybe?)  

Must tweek the Valors evn tho they worked really good this session.