tisdag 26 augusti 2014

Monster: The Deamon Hamsterdog

The great old wizard Haeglunn experimented on animals to create the most dangerous animal to be known by man. He was feared by the local populance cause of all the misstakes that had escaped his cages and found their way down to the village. Eighteen Sheeps and a cow had lost their lives to these abominations! How long would it take before a human had to put his life on the line?

The village were almost ready to revolt when one of the more dangerous creatures were let loose. Haeglunn were really really bad when it came to locking the doors of the cages! The most dangerous animal known to man slew a lot of people and left no witnesses. The great adventurers arrived to the scene only to find that the great animal were afraid of them and run to the woods.

Ok, the truth is that the real killer had allready run away in hunt for some other prey while the poor creature called the deamon hamsterdog had just escaped and came to the scene of the slaughter only to be found by the heroes! He ran away in fear and got the infamy not deseved. His poor face on a hundred posters offering tons of gold in reward for the innocent head on his neck!

No. Attacks: 1, HP: 2d6, Att: +1 (1d6 horns)

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