söndag 17 augusti 2014

Daughters on adventure

A good friend of mine has conspired with my wife to have my daughters starting to play an easy form of RPG of his own design. I have no clue what they are up to except that I have in my possession the first draft of the character sheet.

An old school character sheet usually doesn't contain that much but I see they have puched the boundries of what is really needed on a sheet.

If you are intrested in how this plays out, and if you are curious if your own children are ready for an adventure, just give me a shout. I got at this moment no clue what rules he will use, other than that he mentioned some morphed version of mouseguard. Only the future can tell  if he permanently will damage the frail minds of my children, or suceeding in raising the next generation of Roleplayers, but it is worth the risk, isn't it!? ;) 

Oh, glad you asked! My children are at an age of 4 and 6. 

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