tisdag 23 september 2014

The first two monster pages

It all started a bit better than I thought it ever could. 11 people supporting this project and making it a reality! What a bunch of totaly awsome group of heroes! The second card goes into the mail tomorrow and I need to slow down a bit so not to spoil all the fun to fast!

Here I present to you the first two pages supported by patreon and soon in a mailbox close to you.

The Shreak serpent is a screaming sea monster that will scare the hell out of a group of heroes on the sea.

When the Tri-pods arrive to any gaming world the end of that world is near! How this one didn't make it into the original monster manual of your choice is beyond me! ;)

Thank you all whom have supported this project! And I hope you all stay whit me for many cards to come! :D

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