söndag 28 september 2014

The created Angel

"They were a proud and faithfull people. They worshiped their gods and their messengers. But one day they got this feeling they were not listened to. They realised they had not seen their gods for many years and no signs or nothing, just that silence. But they were a crafty people. They had the means to help their gods. Yes, they created their own god machines. Cause if they only were pure in their sould the machines would be pure and holy. But the poor people would soon know better! They would learn the hard way that they could not cheat the gods."

Why do it kill people?

1. The Angel hunt for sin and all man is sinfull!
2. The Angel need to feed on the pure and so they must hunt the innocent!
3. The Angel just hate mortals and will cleanse the world from this filth!
4. The Angel hunt the evil and will only hurt a creature full of sin!
5. The Angel only attack when he feel threatened!
6. The Angel is very territorial and he has a big territory!

How does it communicate?

1. The Angel does not speak, only stares at people with lifeless eyes!
2. The Angel speaks with an heavenly voice!
3. The Angel speaks as an old recording.
4. The Angel speaks as a chorus
5. The Angel speaks very mechanicly
6. The Angel does not speak, but he can scratch messages with his claws

Does it fly?

1. No, the angel uses his wings to cut people up!
2. No, the wings are just for show!
3. No, but they are a great when shielding against attacks!
4. Yes, but the wings seem to have nothing to do with it!
5. Yes, somehow those blady wings does make him fly!?
6. Yes, and he flies very gracefull as a dove at dawn!

What does it eat?

1. Meat
2. Souls
3. Oil
4. Diamonds
5. sorrow
6. Happiness

Where does it live?

1. In a ruined clocktower
2. In the ruins of an old city
3. It is wandering around the wastland
4. It is hiding in the temple
5. It stands as a statue in the cemetary
6. It lives in a cave in the mountain

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