tisdag 9 september 2014

The Lost monster manual postcard

I get these cool postcard maps from +Simon Forster. This really sparks ones imagination and yesterday I got this idea of "The lost monster manual" postcard project.

Lost monster manual postcard

The above postcard is just an example of how they could look like. I wonder how many would be intrested in receiving cards like those? Could it be maintained by patreon and could one get enough income for the stamps required?
If I were to patreon this the low dollars really would be the online version to print yourself and those whom provide that little extra would get about two postcards a month with strange monsters with stats and all to throw at players. Some bonus cards a year providing random encounter tables and stuff?

Leave a comment if you would like this project to take off or if you think this is the most stupid idea in the history of the universe! Well I like all kinds of comments! ;)

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