måndag 1 september 2014

Fun times at the minicon Cavecrawl ("Gröttröj")

I must say I was positively chocked this saturday as I arrived to the minicon just some minutes walk from home. This minicon "Grottröj" (when talking to someone outside sweden I call it Cavecrawl even tho it should be something like CaveBrawl but that sounds even more strange. A great many things sound strange one way or another, a whole generation of swedish Roleplayers pronounce Orc the wrong way as Drakar och Demoner just had to add an H, Orch. [Or-sh]), was attended by a whole frigging army! I guess we were like 25 people or something! I must have missed the fact that the OSR are a whole lot bigger than I thought it was. First time I was at Grottröj we were like five people, and now in a year that number was four or five times bigger!

Playing "the temple of the mad Monkey god-king" (el tempelguldet som det heter egentligen.) 

It was great fun meeting a lot of people sharing the same intrests as oneself. I got to play two diffrent games. The first adventure was a strange encounter with a spaceship where all kinds of psycadelic things happened. This adventure will be released later on, "Proteus Sinking".

My best moment this day was playing Svärd och Svartkonst with a bunch of players that together created f***ing harmony in the universe, nah, but I really liked it.

I played a colonial drunkard whom got fooled out of his drinking in this "bangladeshy" city (colonial india setting sort of). Accompanied by Bobby-Tommie "the undying", a mutant with snake underbody, and a fragile scholary wizard. Even if I had been the lowest of ranked officers in the army they insisted on calling me captain, and the monkey gods know that a captain he was this last days of his life. The group made out for the jungle in search of the temple of the monkey god, with promises of gold and riches!

And what happend? Oh, we all die of course. This was a real tragedy! A TPK just because the captain had some phobia of snakes!

Last but not least I got to play my own adventure (at least for a few hours. It was getting late) and had a blast. This will be played even more the coming weekend at KlossCon and then we see what happens.

If you are swedish you must check out Svärd och svartkonst review of Grottröj

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