söndag 28 september 2014

The created Angel

"They were a proud and faithfull people. They worshiped their gods and their messengers. But one day they got this feeling they were not listened to. They realised they had not seen their gods for many years and no signs or nothing, just that silence. But they were a crafty people. They had the means to help their gods. Yes, they created their own god machines. Cause if they only were pure in their sould the machines would be pure and holy. But the poor people would soon know better! They would learn the hard way that they could not cheat the gods."

Why do it kill people?

1. The Angel hunt for sin and all man is sinfull!
2. The Angel need to feed on the pure and so they must hunt the innocent!
3. The Angel just hate mortals and will cleanse the world from this filth!
4. The Angel hunt the evil and will only hurt a creature full of sin!
5. The Angel only attack when he feel threatened!
6. The Angel is very territorial and he has a big territory!

How does it communicate?

1. The Angel does not speak, only stares at people with lifeless eyes!
2. The Angel speaks with an heavenly voice!
3. The Angel speaks as an old recording.
4. The Angel speaks as a chorus
5. The Angel speaks very mechanicly
6. The Angel does not speak, but he can scratch messages with his claws

Does it fly?

1. No, the angel uses his wings to cut people up!
2. No, the wings are just for show!
3. No, but they are a great when shielding against attacks!
4. Yes, but the wings seem to have nothing to do with it!
5. Yes, somehow those blady wings does make him fly!?
6. Yes, and he flies very gracefull as a dove at dawn!

What does it eat?

1. Meat
2. Souls
3. Oil
4. Diamonds
5. sorrow
6. Happiness

Where does it live?

1. In a ruined clocktower
2. In the ruins of an old city
3. It is wandering around the wastland
4. It is hiding in the temple
5. It stands as a statue in the cemetary
6. It lives in a cave in the mountain

tisdag 23 september 2014

The first two monster pages

It all started a bit better than I thought it ever could. 11 people supporting this project and making it a reality! What a bunch of totaly awsome group of heroes! The second card goes into the mail tomorrow and I need to slow down a bit so not to spoil all the fun to fast!

Here I present to you the first two pages supported by patreon and soon in a mailbox close to you.

The Shreak serpent is a screaming sea monster that will scare the hell out of a group of heroes on the sea.

When the Tri-pods arrive to any gaming world the end of that world is near! How this one didn't make it into the original monster manual of your choice is beyond me! ;)

Thank you all whom have supported this project! And I hope you all stay whit me for many cards to come! :D

torsdag 18 september 2014

T.L.M.M.P.P: Attack of the tri-pods (from behind the mountain)

(from space? from the underworld? From another dimension?)

The second page is showing an fantazy Tri-pod war machine whatever that is!?
(the map making genious +Simon Forster choose the theme)

This picture may be on the second page of the lost monster manual page postcard. A patreon project you can find over HERE

I hope to hear some response of the first card soon and hide under the table if it is to awfull :P

söndag 14 september 2014

Lost Monster Manual: The First monster!

So the first monster is born and the lost monster manual has a first page (postcard)!

The Shreak Serpent!
Ok, it is not actually ON the postcard yet and the above is just a protoype so I could have it in my hands and feel it if it was good enough. And I must say I am satisfied with the border and +Josefin Magnusson helped me out as always. (One could not wish for a better wife! I really love her!)

I'm still not at 100% done and posted but I am allready thinking of what will be on page #2 and whom are to choose that theme!

Oh, the satisfaction! :D

torsdag 11 september 2014

The lost monster manual page postcard

Heh, if you missed it I made the crazy idea a reality and a handfull of stalwart heroes have jumped on to the train as patreons of this project!

+Daniel Sell got to choose the first theme and it is on its merry way! If it will be the above wip "shreak Serpent" we'll see. But I think it would look good on a postcard, what do you say?

The patreon site is found - HERE
A good article on OSR today about all this is found - HERE

I'm really looking forward to put my teeth in this project!

tisdag 9 september 2014

The Lost monster manual postcard

I get these cool postcard maps from +Simon Forster. This really sparks ones imagination and yesterday I got this idea of "The lost monster manual" postcard project.

Lost monster manual postcard

The above postcard is just an example of how they could look like. I wonder how many would be intrested in receiving cards like those? Could it be maintained by patreon and could one get enough income for the stamps required?
If I were to patreon this the low dollars really would be the online version to print yourself and those whom provide that little extra would get about two postcards a month with strange monsters with stats and all to throw at players. Some bonus cards a year providing random encounter tables and stuff?

Leave a comment if you would like this project to take off or if you think this is the most stupid idea in the history of the universe! Well I like all kinds of comments! ;)

söndag 7 september 2014

Convention time: Fifth Advent

"It is said that every age is born a great evil to the world. Several hundred years ago, at the Fourth Advent a group of heroes of the holy temple, managed to imprison this darkness. Our noble god and protector Aeidmar has watched over us, and time after time, given us the power to stop this darkness from ever breaking free.

But now, after many years, the day has come when the oracles has seen the signs and warned us that the darkness once again can wake up, that the fifth Advent is finally here and, if that is the case, time has come for humanity to finnaly face the end of days.

But then again, the temple has put together a group consisting of the greatest champions of goodness and faith, and these are now on a mission to Cloister hill, the place where the Lord of Darkness is fettered, and they are to make sure everything is secure, that the ancient oracles must have read the signs wrong, and so the sigils are intact!

Fifth Advent is an investigatory small dungeon crawl set in the world of Aenglum but can easily be converted to fit into most games of your choice. The characters will belong to the classes of temple guardians, priests and witch hunters. The theme is that of religion, detective work and crawling into confined spaces. The pregenerated classes can also be changed so to fit just about any group hired by the temple to do its bidding. This is foremost written as a convention adventure tho hence the way this is made."
- the text from the convention folder. (or actually as it say in the booklet )

I got to play two sessions of Aenglum: Fifth Advent this weekend. I were to play today to but there was to few players this early in the morning.

How did it go? The first group only scratched on the surface and just had to go to the one area that I really wasn't a hundred percent finniched with. It is a sandbox tho so it was just as much improvisation as anything but I think they had a good time.

I had to do a handout 1 minute before start and laminated all the character sheets that had a certain look to them. This turned out good and before running it or releasing it I must write together some more handouts.

This is how the sheets turned out.
If running with laminated sheets and handout the feeling of having a few papers in stack in this thin shape was quite cool.
a typical handout in Fifth advent.
I'm looking forward to running fifth advent further with some of the players in the future and it is always cool to see the decisions people make. They all knew it was a sandbox but I see a pattern of maybe human behaviour or the fault of modern gaming that they make almost the same decisions. Nah, they were maybe just following orders? Need to examine this further in future groups! ;)

And the maps of +Simon Forster in this adventure is awsome and need to be remarked on once again! ;)

onsdag 3 september 2014

Art of today: A mystery of Sigils lost

This weekend I will DM an adventure earlier mentioned on this blog, "the Fifth Advent". Today you will get to see one of the illustrations from this;

It is a dark religious mystery sandbox that take way to long time to play for a convention but what the hell, it will be fun and I'm looking forward to it! :)

(oh, it contains maps from +Simon Forster so it is destined to rock! ;) )

tisdag 2 september 2014

Fourth time is a charm?

I hope you haven't missed the awsome Noh-Cha classbook released a short while ago! It was the fourth time I made something and the second (ok, third maybe) time it showed up in a product that people actually pay for. (Just Art as of now but maybe some text in the future??)

Oh man, that look good. :) (link) Jason McCartan did a really nice classbook!

Oh, that one look good to! (link) I haven't read it yet but I am really looking forward to seeing this in the mail any day now! And I hope to work for +Tim Shorts again as he is a nice fellow!

It is really fun to work with the OSR society! Sweet people everywhere you look!

måndag 1 september 2014

Fun times at the minicon Cavecrawl ("Gröttröj")

I must say I was positively chocked this saturday as I arrived to the minicon just some minutes walk from home. This minicon "Grottröj" (when talking to someone outside sweden I call it Cavecrawl even tho it should be something like CaveBrawl but that sounds even more strange. A great many things sound strange one way or another, a whole generation of swedish Roleplayers pronounce Orc the wrong way as Drakar och Demoner just had to add an H, Orch. [Or-sh]), was attended by a whole frigging army! I guess we were like 25 people or something! I must have missed the fact that the OSR are a whole lot bigger than I thought it was. First time I was at Grottröj we were like five people, and now in a year that number was four or five times bigger!

Playing "the temple of the mad Monkey god-king" (el tempelguldet som det heter egentligen.) 

It was great fun meeting a lot of people sharing the same intrests as oneself. I got to play two diffrent games. The first adventure was a strange encounter with a spaceship where all kinds of psycadelic things happened. This adventure will be released later on, "Proteus Sinking".

My best moment this day was playing Svärd och Svartkonst with a bunch of players that together created f***ing harmony in the universe, nah, but I really liked it.

I played a colonial drunkard whom got fooled out of his drinking in this "bangladeshy" city (colonial india setting sort of). Accompanied by Bobby-Tommie "the undying", a mutant with snake underbody, and a fragile scholary wizard. Even if I had been the lowest of ranked officers in the army they insisted on calling me captain, and the monkey gods know that a captain he was this last days of his life. The group made out for the jungle in search of the temple of the monkey god, with promises of gold and riches!

And what happend? Oh, we all die of course. This was a real tragedy! A TPK just because the captain had some phobia of snakes!

Last but not least I got to play my own adventure (at least for a few hours. It was getting late) and had a blast. This will be played even more the coming weekend at KlossCon and then we see what happens.

If you are swedish you must check out Svärd och svartkonst review of Grottröj