torsdag 23 april 2015

Aenglum: A gritty and dark place?

I always try to keep things fun and so on, but Aenglum is a dark and gritty place in the end. When you make rules you want them to be functional and easy, and foremost make sense. How do you add the element of "dark and gritty" to such a formula? Is it mostly by having the feelings you want portrayed in the actual descriptions of each and every stat, ability and skill? Is it in the presentations of adventures, people and places? A combination of these two? Is it a consistency in what you portray to the public?

What if it is how you make the brightest light in the world shine? If this light is dim and dark, the world must surely be a piss-hole to live in right?

måndag 20 april 2015

Playing around with the rules of Aenglum

A few things, that have occured lately, have encouraged me to start playing around with the Aenglum rules some more. Some of the major parts of the game are allready done, but while playing with the rules, as a player, playing mad monks of kwantoom, I realised how diffuse some things are and how really undone some other things are.

Aenglum has, like a lot, of races and classes to choose from, and this is not only a good thing of course, but I choose this step, maybe as a part to make each player choosing THE package he/she wanted.

The races as of now are:

  • Northman (Sort of human vikings)
  • Midlander (Human "european"- french, swizz, dutch, german)
  • Southling (Mostly like Romans - Italians, greece )
  • Swordelf (a kind of island living bushido elves)
  • Blackling (The goth elves. if elves were Romanian)
  • Dwarf (the usual kind)
  •  Halflings (That short people)
  • Moleman 
  • Badgers
  • Minotaurs

The Classes as of now are:

Three pure fighter classes
  • Fighters (best melee)
  • Archers (best ranged)
  • Defenders (best defense)
Three pure magic classes
  • Dollmasters (best summoners)
  • Necromancers (best at death)
  • Wizards (best at magic as a whole)
Three Specialist classes
  • Assassin (best silent killer)
  • Thief (best at skills)
  • Jester (special)
Three Faith classes
  • cleric
  • Healer
  • Witch
Four mix classes
  • Swordmage (offensive magic fighter)
  • Templar (good at keeping the morale)
  • Witchhunter (best at protection from evil)
  • Beasthide (best at changing form)
It is a god damn work to balance these and make each intresting and a good choice to play. Yeah, and this mixed with my from time to time reluctance of rules. To keep it simple and at the same time fun and diverce. Sometimes I wich I had a partner in crime so this mountain wouldn't feel as tall, but the next day it is fun to be the head crazy in the asylum as well!

This week inpirations: Ironclad, season of the witch and some more like that.
note to self. The templar must be less paladin and more a fighter with inspiration, training and faith as weapon. The code of conduct, promises made, that way of living.

söndag 12 april 2015

Geomorph contest

Entered that contest at inkwell ideas, just for the fun of it, and +matt jackson  made it simple with his morph ready templates, found HERE

The Taurus Labyrinth

A theme of minotaurs and bulls.

fredag 3 april 2015

Northern Tower, part III

Ok, I saw some really sweet tower by +MonkeyBlood Design some time ago and I just had to ask if he could do a tower of mine to! He agreed and I have no words for how good he actually executed this! I knew he was good but this time I bealive he outdid himself, this is more than good!

Now the question is how I am gonna do something with my tower that really make his suberb work actually count the most, something like this can't be wasted on something mediocre! Man, this is like winning the lottery without knowing what to do with the winnings and all that is done is not gonna meet up to the standards! Heh, exagerating a little maybe but what the hell. This easter has really started out with a bang! (Some other factors to)

+matt jackson made me a really good map to but I can't show that off yet cause it is gonna be used in my next session. You may maybe have a look at it over at his place soon, and at this place in a near future.

PS. I must say sorry to everyone that I owe illustrations and I have yet to deliver but I am swamped with a big S and reside to hiding under the desk avoiding the questionmarks! But do not kill me just yet, I will do my best to make it still! ;)

Happy easter to ye all mateys!