fredag 3 april 2015

Northern Tower, part III

Ok, I saw some really sweet tower by +MonkeyBlood Design some time ago and I just had to ask if he could do a tower of mine to! He agreed and I have no words for how good he actually executed this! I knew he was good but this time I bealive he outdid himself, this is more than good!

Now the question is how I am gonna do something with my tower that really make his suberb work actually count the most, something like this can't be wasted on something mediocre! Man, this is like winning the lottery without knowing what to do with the winnings and all that is done is not gonna meet up to the standards! Heh, exagerating a little maybe but what the hell. This easter has really started out with a bang! (Some other factors to)

+matt jackson made me a really good map to but I can't show that off yet cause it is gonna be used in my next session. You may maybe have a look at it over at his place soon, and at this place in a near future.

PS. I must say sorry to everyone that I owe illustrations and I have yet to deliver but I am swamped with a big S and reside to hiding under the desk avoiding the questionmarks! But do not kill me just yet, I will do my best to make it still! ;)

Happy easter to ye all mateys!

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