torsdag 19 mars 2015

The northern Watchtower (again)

A reposting of an old swedish article - now in typo-filled english

"Wars come and go, leaving behind visible scars. The road to the ruins of Under are dotted with ancient battlefields, mighty spells thrown so long ago, by the strongest wizards of their time. Over time, so conceals nature the worst of these wounds. But if you look carefully,  you can still see the broken bridges, destroyed towers and the burnt villages. The largest of the statues, its head lies softly lost in some river, its remains overgrown with moss and mold in the old groves.

The northern watchtower is no exception from this. Old and abandoned more than once. Maybe lived there last week, trolls, and the day after that, it was a den for a band of robbers. Maybe tomorrow it will be a bastion for the order of the burning torch, or a new home for some deranged magician?

It stands halfway between Greybridge and Under. Still magnificent and it watches over the small lake northwest adjacent to the tower. The only question is, do you dare to spend  your nights rest in its hauted halls, and it is abandoned the day you eventually knock on its heavy doors? "

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