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Convention time: Fifth Advent

"It is said that every age is born a great evil to the world. Several hundred years ago, at the Fourth Advent a group of heroes of the holy temple, managed to imprison this darkness. Our noble god and protector Aeidmar has watched over us, and time after time, given us the power to stop this darkness from ever breaking free.

But now, after many years, the day has come when the oracles has seen the signs and warned us that the darkness once again can wake up, that the fifth Advent is finally here and, if that is the case, time has come for humanity to finnaly face the end of days.

But then again, the temple has put together a group consisting of the greatest champions of goodness and faith, and these are now on a mission to Cloister hill, the place where the Lord of Darkness is fettered, and they are to make sure everything is secure, that the ancient oracles must have read the signs wrong, and so the sigils are intact!

Fifth Advent is an investigatory small dungeon crawl set in the world of Aenglum but can easily be converted to fit into most games of your choice. The characters will belong to the classes of temple guardians, priests and witch hunters. The theme is that of religion, detective work and crawling into confined spaces. The pregenerated classes can also be changed so to fit just about any group hired by the temple to do its bidding. This is foremost written as a convention adventure tho hence the way this is made."
- the text from the convention folder. (or actually as it say in the booklet )

I got to play two sessions of Aenglum: Fifth Advent this weekend. I were to play today to but there was to few players this early in the morning.

How did it go? The first group only scratched on the surface and just had to go to the one area that I really wasn't a hundred percent finniched with. It is a sandbox tho so it was just as much improvisation as anything but I think they had a good time.

I had to do a handout 1 minute before start and laminated all the character sheets that had a certain look to them. This turned out good and before running it or releasing it I must write together some more handouts.

This is how the sheets turned out.
If running with laminated sheets and handout the feeling of having a few papers in stack in this thin shape was quite cool.
a typical handout in Fifth advent.
I'm looking forward to running fifth advent further with some of the players in the future and it is always cool to see the decisions people make. They all knew it was a sandbox but I see a pattern of maybe human behaviour or the fault of modern gaming that they make almost the same decisions. Nah, they were maybe just following orders? Need to examine this further in future groups! ;)

And the maps of +Simon Forster in this adventure is awsome and need to be remarked on once again! ;)

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