tisdag 19 augusti 2014

Why the dragon in my nose ate the bugger

When I was young I always bealived I were to become the new HR Giger or something, cause you need a little delusions of grandeur to kickstart your life. The truth became that I took a lousy job, as each struggling artist need a lousy one, but then I forgot to draw and paint. I had this gap of no roleplaying and no drawing for almost ten years.

Then two of my friends contacted me and wanted me to draw some illustrations for the swedish RPG "Svärd och Svartkonst" and I jumped on this train with no expectations on my own skill, what this OSR thing really was and if I could deliver anything after this large gap.

I can't say I am great at drawing but I can say I am quite good. The positive response from a lot of you reading this blog at times is proof enough for this conclusion how much I still want to be modest.

Ok, this is the tuesday rant but I need you to bear with me a bit longer.

Back in the days when I did the obligatory swedish military service I met this  sweet strange man, +Jonas Wideen , that later became a friend of mine even if we haven't met for some century. Good thing social media exist so people don't loose all contact with eachother. :)

Anyways, I draw smaller illustrations and are quite happy with that. He on the other hand do this more proffesional drawings with real paint and such.

My plan is to feature a few of his pieces here on Aenglum so we can broaden his audience as some of his art are right down the pocket of OSR I think and if you THE READER want this piece on your wall at home, you should contact either me or Jonas Wideen even better. He is one of those artist that actually live on his art, contradictory to me... as +Erik Tenkar call it; beer money. I just do all this for fun and beer and not profit. ;)

Todays art of Jonas is a fire breathing dragon;

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