onsdag 18 februari 2015

TAADAD: Day 4: D is for Dead Dolly

Need to do something each day and today was the letter D. Well, first I thought of doors, dargons and something dungeon. Was gonna go for the word dealer too.

But at last it had to be dead dolly and an illustration.

The dead never really stay dead in the dungeon. Something or someone keeps their restless souls alive down there. If the spirit of the dead is really angry they will become something awful and the story of dead dolly, even if they are mostly rumors, tell of a most angry young woman.

One rumor puts her as a young priestess of good, but then she were left for dead, starving to death, down there in the dark, while her friends went to town with whatever gold and treasure they had found.

Now, Dead Dolly walk the maze,
humming the melodies of her temple,
in an eternal hunt for any treasure hunters she can find.
She is coming for you.

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