onsdag 18 februari 2015

TAADAD: Day 2 & 3

3 days have gone by and a lot of cool stuff show up in the feed - there really is a lot of talanted people in the OSR community! Behold below what we have for thee!

A is for the Axe of the Ancients

Illustration by +Kristian Richards 

This legendary axe with unknown magical properties can be found in this maze of madness, or so the rumors tell! Whom once wielded it and to what purpose it should be found only the future can foretell!

A is for the Arbiter Bush

map by +matt jackson 

There is maybe just one, or maybe it is more entries to this place, but they say that to find the maze of madness you must find the arbiter bush! In the ruins by the lake hidden by foliage one must look.

Be sure to check out matts place for more details.

B is for The Bridge

Text/location by +Terje Nordin 

"Deep within the underground complex lies a sea of molten lava over which spans a narrow bridge. A mutant species of bats live in the cavern, clinging to the stalactites of its roof in silent vigil, their singular eyes never blinking. Their normal cuisine consists of the half-crustacean, half-reptile things that graze upon the lavamoss, but they might be tempted to try their luck with lonely adventurers."

B is for Boudoir of the Ogre

Location by +V. A. 

At the end of a narrow and curving passageway, and behind an iron-banded door, lies the apartment of the Ogre Swabllach and his 'lovely' wife Yusl. The pair have made their hole a home, with a collection of skins and tattered tapestries, consisting of trophies slain or filched from their raids. On the wall hang artfully displayed skulls, including that of the minotaur who was the former resident of this room.

A pile of loot (kegs of ale, boxes and bags of goods) is arrayed along one wall, and a rough-hewn table and heavy chairs and stools are scattered in an alcove, trenchers and flagons scattered and spilled on its scarred and stained surface.

Behind some heavy curtains raided from a nearby manorhouse is Swabllach's Love Nest - a huge bed built of empty kegs and timbers, covered with furs and blankets. Particularly unfortunate explorers may burst in on the ogre pair during an intimate moment, leading to a traumatizing combat with a naked, tumescent, very enraged ogre (And the missus will be extremely unhappy, as well...).

B is for the Butcher

Illustration by me

C is for the Copper Dragon Mask

magic item by +V. A. 

Harkening to the powers of the copper dragon, a wearer of the mask may either project a line of acid (4d4 damage) or a cloud of slowing gas (save or slow as per spell for 6 combat rounds) once per day.
Wearing the mask comes with a cost, and the bearer becomes cursed with greed. Each month of owning the mask increases the lure of gold, making the bearer more likely to take foolhardy action in pursuit of wealth, or come into conflict with their colleagues. The mask requires a monthly save or one of the following effects takes place:

1. Character gains a gambling addiction
2. Character attempts to mislead peers in dividing treasure or reward
3. Character attempts to steal an item from another character or npc.
4. Character attempts to cheat another character or npc for an item (misrepresent value, short payment, etc.)
5. Character becomes susceptible to bribes
6. Character attempts to shirk a debt.
7. Character is distracted from a task or quest by the promise or rumor of quick wealth
8. A devout or divine-powered character strays away from their diety or required tithes.

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C is for Corridor 23

Dungeon connection by me.

Corridor 23 is just another corridor. What makes it special is the nasty trap called the henchmen clipper. A trap that does not punish the one that spring the trap but unfortunate souls that are stationed 15 feet away from it.

The corridor itself has the look of some royal passage belonging in an old castle and is somewhat spacey even if the long corridor twist and turns and dark shadows play on the old stone walls.

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