söndag 15 februari 2015

TAADAD: What about an alphabetical Community project?

What do you out there say about making a small community project!? More correctly making it with me and keeping it light and easy without preasure and see where it leads!?

Project TAADAD: The Aenglum Alphabetical Dungeon a´Day community project

Ok, this is mostly me writing down some daydreaming without any clue of what I am doing and then we add a pound of improvisation to the bowl.

What is this?

  • This is a small project where we make an undefined sized dungeon where everything is unknown until some partisipant unlocks a new part of the complex!
  •   This is a challange to make some part of a dungeon each day or at a pace of your own choosing following the alphabet. Make this to hone your skills or just for the fun of it. 
  • If you have the skills you could be part of both editing and whatever and make sense of the dungeon., the history of it, the inhabitants of it, dungeon dressing and cut and paste to make the rooms make sense.

What do I do?

You make a room, monster, stats or whatever and then add it to the dungeon, following the alpabetical order. Day 1 it will be A, Day 2 it will be B. An easy way to do it is just puting it on your g+ feed and calling it TAADAD and write my name so I will be notified with it.
I put all the goodies in a folder and then on this blog. As time pass some of you may be inclined to help out making something more solid out of this, all are welcome in this process, and all help is fun and appreciated. If the dungeon is somewhat playable it will be released as a free pdf for the community. 

Ok, enough rambling. Hope some of you jump on the crazy train to mad station! We start... NOW! (or?)

My contribution Day 1: Alchemist Laboratory

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