onsdag 7 maj 2014

Under: The First Expedition, part 2

Some of the players of the first expedition have almost decided what they wanna play; not even one human at the moment which is something that have never happened before.

Minotaurs are making their way into Aenglum, and even though they lack a bit of smarts and will, I will not try to limit any race from becoming just about any class available. I will no let the rules come in the way from possibilities created from the crazy minds of my fellow players.

Mortissa Niebelim and the moleman Grott-Evert

Grott-Evert is a moleman from Ard-Buria, and Mortissa is a young Blackling (Black elven) acolyte of the order of Thanatos. The best thing is that I can't really grasp what they even mean with all their wishes but I am going to gladly approve of most things. It is only estetical and the dungeon of Under may be to hard a trail for them anyways in the end.

I am really looking forward to this and the decent is coming closer for each day.

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