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S.K.O.T.E.S: 1t12 planets

twelve randomly chosen systems in the galaxy

1TripitaH0209Tripita is a well guarded and forbidden sector containing "the Source" of the Galactic energy. Not many habitable planets and yet more strange phenomena is well known. 
2CaitikaH1110Even though Caitika-2 is the most populated planet and most hospitable it is the monks on the asteroid temple that is more known. In this temple on the asteroid orbiting Caitika-1 you will find the oracle of Orbus.

3SolarO0311The solar system is the birthplace for the human race. It was here the children of the 12 colonies have their origin. Earth is now dirty and in ruins after centuries of missuse and war. The best place to live is on the moon or on mars.
Here you will also find the great science space station HOPE which are working closely with the Space Knight Academy.
4LarooN0410Here you will find Hydron - the water planet of the 4th colony. The Hydron people have over the years adapted to their watery enviroment.
5MartinesI0708On the edge of well travel space you will find the Martines system. A backwater mining colony consisting of a hardened prisoner work force supervised by a skeleton crew of soldiers and a lot of robots and security. 

E1002The black planet of Hell is supposed to be found in the oblivion system on the far edge of known space. A place where noone want to go.
7DargomM0711Here is Dargom-6. The sandy planet of the 7th colony. 
8NitrixusA0807This system is said to be the not so secret anymore base of the Kingian army. These insectoid hotheads that are determined to rule the galxy.

L0805This is the home of 3rd colony. from the planet of Omnes-1 the republic of Omnescia rule a big part of the sector with an iron hand.
10TycoscaL0302The Tycoscan army is in a bitter war with the Omnescian forces. They both have dug in and the war seem to be a long and costly one.
11HawantaH0606Here you will find the swamp planet of Hawanta-3. Rumored to be guarded by huge swamp monsters ruled by an intelligent fich monster
12PolgrirC0809Once part of a human settlement. The signal is lost to this once striving mining colony.

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