lördag 10 januari 2015

those awkward moments

Remember that time when...

  • Galactus ate an ice planet and got brain freeze!
  • Dr Doom hit his head on a shelf and it hurt like hell!
  • That warrior totally had forgotten his sword after a visit to the toilet
  • A wizard had slept badly and got all his spells wrong
  • Punisher had the flu and had to stay at home and get taken care of
  • Enchantress caugth herself wanting that new dress in the shops window
  • Dr octupus just wanted to stay in eating icecream feeling sorry for himself
  • Spiderman couldn't change to his costume cause he had to much turkey
  • Superman had a toothache and he knew no drill on planet earth could fix it
  • Silver surfer knew that little bump on his shiny self he didn't want anyone to know about
  • Lex luthor held a long monolog but had to cut it short cause he really needed to pee

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