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Under: The Blacklings (Svartlingarna)

Once the Blackling race were a proud and powerfull people together under the banner of their mighty empire. They were an ancient people full of magic and wisdom and the borders of their realm stretched far and wide. But then "something" happened and they almost faded into oblivion.

One day the human empire were in urgent need of help from the Scorned Blackling remnants and they struck a deal that come to change the role they once had and what then came to be.


Now the Blackling population live among the humans. Still they are very much distrusted and treated with suspicion and xenophobia. This has lead to the Blacklings withdrawing into isolation, and this isolation is treated with even more false rumors and distrust from the humans.

The Blacklings usually live in small clusters in greater human settlements. Each blackling family/clan hiding inside the walls of their old mansions and households with not so much insight from the outside world. These families have, during their long lifespans, gathered a lot of riches and collected many old ancient artifacts.

No greater incidents have yet occured between the human-blackling populance, but the grudges are still brewing under the surface, and who knows how long they will respect the non-aggression treaties of old?

Blackling Elder

The Blackling characteristics; Str +2, Dex +3, Con +2, Wis +3, Int +5, Chr +3
The Blacklings are foremost among the greatest minds among the people of Aenglum.

Racial abilities and disabilities:
Innate magical ability. Once a day the Blackling can use this spell-like ability.
Natural Resistance to mind affecting spells.
Stealthy. The Blacklings are nimble creatures and move very gracefully.

Ancient Blackling Family names

First sentance (start)
1. Dharia (The black)
2. Dhum (The ancient)
3. Arn (the young)
4. Lhar (the mystical)
5. Thar (the eternal)
6. Rhinn (the red)

First syllable (second word)
1. Drag - (Dragon)
2. Nag - (Serpent)
3. Flor - (Flower)
4. Grigor - (Watcher)
5. Malak - (lord)
6. Ilea - (moon)
8. Iol - (crown)
9. Irinn - (Sword)
10. Mihael - (Wings)

Second syllable (ending)
1. - antin (of the west)
2. - inia (of the night )
3. - iliar (in the shadow)
4. - aurdir (of time)
5. - iandirr (of all)
6. - asiuss (hidden)
7.  - dorr (of the gate)
8. - dhar (of the immortal)
9. -Idhia (of dawn)
10.  - heer (of dusk)

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