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D is for Dog (WIP)

In the last session my players started to plan the expedition to Under. One of the players wanted to buy a dog, and of course he or she can buy a dog, but I got a feeling that the rules or the way we use dogs are not the way I want.

The dog is a mans best friend and all, but it is still only an animal. They can be more usefull than many henchemen but we talk about the arse-sniffing and ball catching creatures with a will of their own and all.
And the better the dog, the bigger the pricetag.

oh, and we are not talking small poodles or something but we talk about ten diffrent breed of trained killing machines and usefull dogs. Not that kind you put in your purse or anything.

step 1 - decide the number of available dogs in town.

Not everyone wanna part with their dog of course but a few dogs at least could be available.
Availabe dogs are at no price adjustment, "ex" are exclusive dogs with a loving owner whom can part with their dogs only because they feel that the money are really needed in their life right now,

Traders camp: 1t3-1 available, 1t3-1 ex.
small hamlet: 1t4 available dogs and 1t3-1 ex.
Village: 1t6 available dogs and 1t4-1
Small town: 2t6 dogs, and 1t6-1 ex.
Sprawling city: 2t8 dogs, and 1t8-1 ex.

Step 2 - Make a note of the basic values for a dog

Basic values, the untrained puppy stats
MD (Morale dice (Aenglum)/ Hit dice (other systems)): 1 (1d6)
Life: 4
DV (Defense value (Aenglum)/Armor class): 10
Attack:  #1, +0, bite 1t4
Movement: 6 sq (other systems: 12 )
Personality: None
Abilities: Good senses (+2 on smell/listen rolls, harder to surprise)
Order Difficulty: 14 (The difficulty to make a dog do what you want it to do. A roll made with your charisma modifier. The difficulty can be modified depending on some factors.)
Price: 10 Aengels

Step 3 - Roll the race of the dog

10 diffrent races of dogs in Aenglum. If they are at a breeders house there should be a 1-4 chance on a d6 that one dog share the same race as one of the other dogs.

1, Eizenheimer warbred. 
The Eizenheimer warbred is a big mastiff dog from the cold north. It is bred for war and a rough life in the northern wastes. It is big as a dwarf and have jaws from hell. It is considered the most intelligent of all dogs and like to have his own will in any group even tho it can't talk.
MD: +1 (2d6+2), Life: +4 (8)DV: +2 (12), Attack: #1 +2Damage: bite 2d4+1
Racial ability: Dog of war (is a tough son-of-a-dog)
Order Difficulty: -2 (12)
Price: +20 (30)

2. Draengherder.
The Draengherder is a common dog in the borderlands used mostly by farmers and hunters. They are mostly double coated with a tan body with a black sadle colouring. It has a good reputation for its good temper and obidience.
MD: +1 (2d6), Life: +2 (6) DV: +2, Attack: #1 +1Damage: 1d6
Racial ability: 
Order Difficulty: -4 (10)
Price: +15 (25)

3. Alkenhaerth hound.
The Alkenhaerth is a dog used primarily by hunters and scouts. It is known to find its way around the wilderness and is a favourite to any rangers of the wild.
MD: +1 (2d6), Life: +0 (4), DV: +3 (13), Attack: #1 +1Damage: 1d6
Racial ability: Guide (is really good to know its way around the wilderness)
Order Difficulty: -2 (12)
Price: +10 (20)

4. Lirdian Sheepdog
Used mostly by farmers and herders. This white long-haired beast likes to play but have a good way of combining this with following most commands.
MD: +1 (2d6), Life: +0 (4) DV: +2 (12), Attack: #1 +1Damage: 1d6
Racial ability: Herder (is very usefull to encircle prey and drive them in the right direction)
Order Difficulty: -4 (10)
Price: +5 (15)

5. Hjaelmengard.
The Hjaelmengard is a large molosser dog used most often in the Haergard army. This big black and mean dog is great for guard duty. Outside of the hard and diciplined life in the army it is known to misbehave and need a sturdy hand to keep it in order.
MD: +1 (2d6+2), Life: +1 (5) DV: +3 (13),  Attack: #1 +2Damage: 1d6+1
Racial ability: Guard (almost impossible to suprise)
Order Difficulty: -0 (14)
Price: +15 (25)

6. Imperial Lostrian.
The Imperial Lostrian is a dog that came with the imperial fleet at the landing. It is a huge dog of golden colour and is valued very high. It is often found in imperial bastions in the south. 
MD: +1 (2d6+2), Life:  +2 (6) DV: +3 (13), Attack: +2Damage: 1d6+1
Racial ability:
Order Difficulty: -0 (14)
Price: +20 (30)

7. Lenjin Strongnose.
The Lenjin Strongnose are very popular among bounty hunters. 
MD: +1 (2d6), Life: +0 (4) DV: +2 (12), Attack: +1Damage: 1d6
Racial ability: Tracker (is very good at tracking someone)
Order Difficulty: -2 (12)
Price: +10 (20)

8. Romphin Minepaw.
The dwarven dog of the underworld. As short and sturdy as their masters this grumpy dog is used to living in the dark.
MD: +1, (2d6) Life: +0 (4) DV: +2 (12), Attack: +1Damage: 1d6
Racial ability: Stone sense (good at finding secret passages, detecting traps and navigate underground)
Infravision (these dogs can see in the dark, at least a few feet)
Order Difficulty: -0 (14)
Price: +10 (20)

9. Haestrinn buch-hound.
The Buch-hound is a common dog among the villages in the swamps of the south. They are known to turn on their masters at times and even themselves. If you want a shit-eating big angry unpredictable killing machine you would want a Haestrinn buch-hound.
MD: +1 (2d6), Life: +0 (4) DV: +2 (12), Attack: +1Damage: 1d6
Racial ability: Unpredictable
Order Difficulty: +2 (16)
Price: +5 (15)

10. Midlander Thucker.
These large long-legged mastiff dogs are well reputed in the midlands and are seen as great companions. The long legs make them as high as the Eizenheimer. They often have an harlequinn coating (White with black spots)
MD: +1 (2d6+1), Life:  +1 (5) DV: +2 (12), Attack: +1Damage: 1d6
Racial ability: loyal
Order Difficulty: -2 (12)
Price: +10 (20)

Step 4 - How trained is the dog?

1. Trained by a sadist.
Some people should not get an animal and this poor beast have been trained into a world of hate, fear and bloodlust. It gets +2 on order difficulty and have a 20% chance of biting an innocent, bark at children and missbehave. If the sadist sell you this creature you will have to pay 5 Aengels extra but if there is a normal person selling tou this it will come with a warning and a discount of 10 Aengels.
2. Poor training
This dog is not finnished with his training. It will have an order difficulty of +2.
3-5 Normal training
This dog is propperly trained and ready for adventure.
6. Good training
The dog is trained very well and has an Order difficulty of -2, and +1 MD (HD in other systems) The price is at +1d10 Aengels.
7. Very good training
This is exemplary training and the order difficulty is at -4, and +1 MD (HD in other systems). The price on this dog is at +2d10 Aengels
8. Trained by the best!
This dog is extremly well behaived and trained.  The order difficulty is at -6, and +1 maximum MD (+1 HD with maximum hit points in other systems). The price at +25 Aengels.

Step 5 - Quirks for the dog

1. Fat & Clumsy 
This dog may have been some hero-dog once upon a time but it has been left lazy for to long and is now an overweight and clumsy joke-of-a-dog. The price goes down by -1d10 Aengels. as do a MD and -2 on movement.
2. Small & Weak
It may happen that this dog is loyal and well trained but it is really small for its race and have less muscles. It lose 1 MD and does a damage die less (d6 become d4, a d4 become a d3) One get 1d10 discount.
3. Short legs
This dog has short legs for its breed. it get -2 in movement and can jump shorter distances, -4 on jump checks. you get a 1d10 discount.
4. Holy teeth of the inqusition 
This dog is great for hunting the undead and have +2 damage against them.
5. Hungry
If one doesn't feed this dog regulary it will have an order difficulty of +4. It will have to make a Willpower (wisdom in other systems) check every 2 hours or have an 1d4 morale damage.
6. Bad temper
This dog is temperate and like to bark at people and seem upset. It has a +2 order difficulty.
7. likes to play
This dog likes to play and if someone take their time and play around with it he will get a -2 order difficulty for the next two hours. The dog regenerates morale (HP in other systems) while playing.
8. Ghast Sniffer
This dog has a knack for finding ghost and other unseen horrors. He will bark at invisible things.
9. Pure Breed
This dog has an ancestry and are the purest of his kind. He will cost an additional 1d10 Aengels but has an additional strong attribute consistant with his race.
10. Mixed breed
This dog is a mix of two diffrent breeds. There is a small chance that this other mix is of a magical or otherwise supernatural sort.
11. The jesters companion
Some jester must have trained this animal as it is very good at tricks and can balance stuff on its nose.
12. Magical Sensitivity
This dog can sense magic and will bark at magical items.
13. Witch hunter
This dog can sense the smell of corruption and will bark at witches, wizards and deamons alike.
14. Scary looking
This dog may have a white eye and scars. Well something makes it very scary and it has a fear attack each combat. 1d6 morale damage against weak opponents. (a morale check in other systems)
15. Torch bearer
This dog is not afraid of fire and is trained to carry a torch.
16. Fast
This dog is very fast and have a base movement of +2
17. Hunter
This dog is trained in the art of hunting and can track and hunt at +2
18. good climber
climbs with a +2 modifier
19. Mans best friend
this dog really attach to another being and this being get +3 on Order Difficulty. The first person who succeed on a charisma check at difficulty 20 is this dogs best friend. Each person can only try one time each day. The person who want to charm this beast must really make an effort to make the roll.
20. the Holy dog of the gods
This dog is chosen by the gods as it will seem. Once per day the dog can cast the miracle of the god.
1d6 1. Aeidmar - light 2. Haergmor - cone of cold, 3.Laeendur - Heal 4. Dyince - pass without trace 5.Elmendar - bound by faith 6. shield against the corrupt

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