lördag 12 april 2014

Today's Monster: The deadly hole of horror (again)

(A translation of an earlier post that really made no sense in google translate. )

Not in a strict sense a monster but still a danger you should be careful with.

There is a fungus in the kingdom that the botanist knows nothing about. This fungus grows on the most miserable dark places where it is both hot and humid. A major reason they havn't discovered something about it, is not because of its bad location, but the insects that lives in a loving relationship with the fungus.

These big and black beetles lay their myriad of white and wet eggs in the moist dark meat of the fungus.Like a big black ocean the beetles crawl over the sponge beneath them.


The fungus is dark and wizened like an old wet raisin, stuck on the walls in warm moist cavities. Upon the fungus crawls tens of thousands of the black beetles. Unsuspecting animals and creatures that touch the flesh of the disgusting fungus are stunned and in a slow manor been devoured by the beetles. It usually reeks of putrefaction and a that strange chemical odor from the meat of the fungus itself.

If you would fall into one of these holes you would be slowly paralyzed by the fungal milky secretions while thousands of beetles would climb upon you and in a short time almost completly cover you. This is indeed a very slow and terrifying death that you wish noone had to experience.

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