torsdag 13 november 2014

P is for Postcards

MoRe PoStCaRdS!

---The number of postcards I sent, before the patreon project, could easily be counted on the fingers of just one hand. Now I must say it is both a fun privilage and hard work that let me send a couple of postcards each month to some awsome people out there in the world.---

---But very soon it is december and christmas is upon us, and I must do something fun of it all. Therefore I will change the rules of the patreon a bit and make the theme fitting with the holidays, I will also have guest-writers on the cards whom will decide the stats and flavor texts on the cards. In the celebration of christmas we must have some community gathering to all of these, even if there are the 15 coolest people in the patreon club, the cards will be found in lesser resolution here on the blog.---

---So, in my world, december will be a fun month full of christmas cards!!---

Oh, how fun if more of you were to send a christmas card!

---If this become a reality I also intend to get them out to the public to order so you can send christmas monsters to your relatives and friends!---

---I have reached out to some of you as writers of these cards and two awsome people jumped on this christmas train!---

Merry Christmas!

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