onsdag 25 juni 2014

Todays Monster: The Natyr

In the first two sessions of the adventures of our fellow adventurers they have encountered a strange race of evil critters they quickly named "the Natyr" -as a mix of a Satyr and something more diabolical.

They stand at something like 3-4 feet high, have a big mouth full of sharp teeth and small horns on their foreheads. How they come to be is uncertain but the bright minds of the adventuring party from Teirums Ro guess they spring from the innocent victims of an evil cult or by some sexual intercourse done by its members with succubi of their evil deity. 

The creatures seem to lack any skill, aren't very bright, not so tough but have a really bad temper and attack the weakest victims that are away from the main group. They seem to attack in small groups as this seem to boost their confidence.

Danger level: low. To this point they have been easily defeated.

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