lördag 9 maj 2015

Play report of Bold monks of Koyohama

"It was long since Takegowa, the serpent prince, assembled the Doboto no seishin, the mystical 14 samurai generals of the spirit kingdom, that once brought slavery and terror to the eastern world. One of these Samurais, called the jade frog, did build a great castle on the edge of the kingdom of Koyohama (the Realm of the Autum leafs). This castle that still stand there on the top of a small moutain on the small island, just outside the merchant town of Haburo, with a reputation that scare the nosy ones away, and the powerfull ones at bay.
But maybe it is the booze and provocative braging among the crews down at the foreigners docks, that has lead to this small expedition taking place. Maybe it is old prophecies among the masters and diviners at the Flaming fist temples coming true, or maybe it is just common greed that drow this little group together?
The small Junk was creaking, as it was moored to the ancient stone pier, down at the otherwise rocky beach, at this small cove on the island called Hisonokaru. And so they arrived, one by one down the narrow gangway, from the junk. Among them Captain Carlos and his handfull of men, easily distiguished by their old and worn uniforms of the Aenglum empire. Some more to stand out, among the otherwise mostly native people, consisting of linkboys, sailors and porters, were the mystical monks and warriors; for example Mogato of the green cricket, a monk renowned for his deadly fist and bad temper, Tagasika, a ronin warrior that keep to himself and always has his long black sword close at hand.
The company gazed shortly upon the grand castle on top of the mountain and then they started their ascension, up the small trail, in among the dense tree filled steeps, up to the mytical building."

A sweet game session tonight as our players came to the island and went up to the hisonakaru castle. We had our female southling officer and her brave soldiers - a musketeer (is not a class in aenglum but what the heck, it did fit in), and a ranger. We had a monk and a large group of ninjas disguesed as linkboys and teamsters. I never had the time to finnish the actual adventure so I did a lot of improvising - and the mad monks of kwantoom book is very helpfull in that aspect!

The group had two large encounters this evening - one with Pa´kua kobolds, 12 of them and these were fun but no greater challange for the group - the monk met his destiny tho, nicknamed "the naked monk". The second large encounter was with caniballistic oriental bersekers, 5 of them and they proved to be a greater challange. The morale system in Aenglum did shine during this encounter as they was on the brink of ruin and death- the battle changed to the advantage of our brave adventurers. The curse/disease of the berserker rage did pass on to most of the survivors and as the session did end for the evening we all knew that only doom awaited the poor group!

I still has only a lot of praise for this book by +Kabuki Kaiser and I guarantee that I will take a few more brave souls to the island and the challanges of the jade frog!

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