fredag 15 november 2013

A road to the great planet

There is approximatly 1200 planets in that straight row from point A (Earth in this case) to point B (the great planet we could call it). Actually the row is not straight and it can differ a lot. Maybe they are almost close to the line that look more  like a radio transmission gone wrong, like those lines on a lie detector test.

The case is tho that it is quite an adventure to travel that distance. Communications suck and the dangers are more than most could handle. If it isn't space monsters, it is space pirates or something more awfull. Like crystal monsters, earth monsters, ice monsters, fire monsters or some other monster. Most often monsters it seem. Maybe it could be some engine trouble, asteroid field or some regular pirate. Fitting the theme of the 80's tho there should be some monster hiding responsible for the problem or in proximity to the other problem anyway.

The Forgotten Knights

Among the human civilisation spread across the universe, most haven't had much contact with any other for many centuries even tho the examples here are as diverse as the plethora or diffrenses that exist between these peoples. They are now just a shadow of their former glories as they once stood under one united empire of man. Among these were a couple of great planets that hold the great knights of man. The defenders of humenkind. Only a few exist today and they are only a remnant of what they once were and what they stood for.

But a spark of hope has been ignited. A princess has arisen and the knights beacons again spark with a new force. The circles of old reemerge for  a final journey.

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